Bonus Slots

In addition to progressive slots, perhaps the one advantage in playing bonus slots is that there are more of them than any other slot game. This is because bonus slots can encompass multi-line slots, progressive slots, free spins slots, and five reel slots. Thus, you could literally have a choice of over 100 bonus slots to play at our RTG casinos. Some may ask if you have more of a chance to win at bonus slots than any other. The answer is unequivocally yes.

Strategies to Win

Just as we recommend you bet the max on progressive slots, we take a different slant with bonus slots. As long as you bet on all the pay lines, you really don’t have to go broke playing bonus slots. The reason is simple: There are more bonus features in these slot games that can garner you high payouts than any other slot game. So if you can only bet the minimum, do so. But ensure you bet all lines, read the rules in the pay table before you begin playing, and then as you win, you can increase the bet size. Of course, there are exceptions. Some bonus slots range from a quarter to a dollar, in which case we highly suggest you bet the max on all pay lines.

Best Bonus Slots

As we said in the opening, there are hundreds of bonus slots available at our US casinos. What we consider the best may not be what you deem to be the best. In order to facilitate the best chances for you to win at slots, we would like to impart to you what we have found to be the best bonus slots that we’ve played and have been successful at winning. Of course, you can always choose other bonus slots at our featured casinos and add them to the list. But to start you off right, we recommend you play:

All of these slots have high payouts, a myriad of bonus features, and are the most enjoyable and lucrative slots we’ve ever played. Needless to say, even though new slots emerge every month (some of which we add to our best slots list), the slots above will remain our all-time favorites.