Slots Odds and Strategies

In this section, WinatSlots would like to explore slots odds and strategies. This encompasses such topics as winning slot strategies; slots bankroll calculator; slots paybacks; slots odds; and how to increase odds. All of the information contained herein is a result of playing thousands of online slot games in all variations. If even one idea is utilized to help you win at slots, we have achieved our goal.

Winning Slot Strategies

Perhaps the single most important credo for any slot player is to always bet the max. This is especially true when you are playing a high stakes progressive slot. But for some, putting down $100 per spin or more may not be in the budget. One of the advantages of playing online slots is that there are numerous coin denominations. While they may not win you the highest jackpot, honing in a specific slot games with bonus features can be just as rewarding. The best winning slot strategy we can impart is to stay within your budget while still betting all pay lines.

Slots Bankroll Calculator

Although there isn’t a bankroll calculator that you can physically utilize when playing slots, you can prepare for the game depending upon how much money is in your discretionary fund. This is your “fun” fund; monies that you have set aside for online slot play. To determine how much of that money you can use to enjoy a game of slots depends on the slot game itself. Here’s a good example: Let’s say you have saved $100 to play slots online. And let’s assume you choose a slot game that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and has a minimum coin denomination of one cent. For every spin of the reels, you would have to bet 20 cents. Obviously, this can increase game play significantly. Conversely, let’s assume you wish to bet a dollar per pay line. This would amount to $20 per spin which means that after five spins you would have used up your $100. Of course, if you win a few rounds, you can add to the total number of spins but realistically, you are betting on the fact that you will win each spin. In slot play, that doesn’t normally happen. So before you begin to play, decide on the type of slot you wish to play and measure how much you wish to bet per spin so that you can not only get the most for your money, but can play for a specific length of time.

Slots Paybacks

Slot paybacks are the percentages a slot machine will yield over the long term. The highest slots payback is 98.86%. This figure doesn’t necessarily mean you will win with each spin. Keep in mind that online casinos profit from slots more than any other casino game and that profit is based on the entire life of that slot machine. Moreover, online casinos utilize random number generators. This means that while you are not guaranteed a return with each spin, you can still win at slots. Slots paybacks can differ with each slot machine. While you may win a jackpot with the $100 you put aside to play one machine that has a high percentage payout; you can easily lose the $100 on a slot machine with a lower payout percentage. Thus we return to our original advice which is to bet what you can but play all pay lines.

Slots Odds

Slots odds can vary from online casino to online casino. Many casinos list their payout percentages so that you can determine what casino offers the best odds. You will note that slot odds are higher at online casinos that other casino games. But again, the slot odds are based on the type of slot game you play. While most find 5-reel bonus progressive slots offer the best odds, you may be surprised to find that classic non-progressive bonus slots can yield the same percentage and, in some cases, even higher.

How to Increase Odds

Many a book has been written about how to increase odds at slot play. So too, you can find hundreds of tutorials online about the best way to win at slots. Every player who has sat at a slot machine in a land-based casino as well as those who have played online slots has their own ideas about how to increase slot odds. The truth is there are many myths associated with increasing ones odds playing slots and all of them have never panned out.

Experience is a Great Teacher

It has been our experience that the only way to increase your odds of winning is to choose a slot game that has several bonus features; offers a myriad of coin denominations; and has a minimum of 20 pay lines. While we do advocate betting the maximum amount per spin on all slot machines; we know this is not realistic for players on a budget. However, you can still win at slots and enjoy the entire gaming experience for a penny a pay line. Remember, winning isn’t everything; it’s how you play the game. In our next section on Slot Tips, we'll talk about how to play the game to win.