Slots Tips

As we mentioned in Slots Odds and Strategies, there are many books that have been written about playing online slots. In fact, there are even more articles online that delve into this topic quite heavily. WinatSlots would like to provide you with a few slots tips we found to be effective. Also, while we don’t normally recommend books on how to successfully play slots, we are citing one book we think you will find very helpful. Additionally, as with any endeavor you try for the first time, we firmly believe that slot practice can increase your odds of winning. First, along with our tips, we would like to dispel some myths associated with slot play.

Slots Tips and Myths

No doubt you have been to a casino or played online and thought, “This slot machine is hot.” So you stick with that one machine. Playing the same slot machine for a long period of time affords you more opportunities to win. This is the first myth and one we have all fallen into at one time or another. Conversely, you may be the kind of person who tries many different slot machines thinking that your chances of winning are even greater. Unfortunately, that’s another myth. Then there’s the myth that after someone has been playing a machine for a long time and then leaves the machine, it is ripe for the picking. Another common myth is that after a winning streak you think that one more spin will garner you even bigger returns so you stick with it only to put everything you won back into the machine. Finally, we have idiosyncrasies we use to bring us luck. A rabbit’s foot or a special charm that will help us win the jackpot. Or playing fast or playing slow will somehow bring about a big win. Unfortunately, these too are myths. Winning at slots is a crap shoot. You may get lucky or not. Nothing you do or say will change the course of how a particular slot machine will pay out. Now that’s we’ve dispelled some of the myths in slot play, here are some tips we hope you will utilize when you play at online casinos.

Know Your Slot Machine

One of the ways in which you can enhance your slot play is selecting and then reviewing the pay table on a particular slot. If you enjoy classic slots, the pay table is located on the slot machine itself. If you are more adventurous and want to play progressive slots, then be prepared to bet on all pay lines. Progressive slots are an expensive proposition, so ensure that you put aside enough money to fully enjoy the slot game. If you decide to play progressive slots, it is in your best interest to bet the maximum in order to vie for the jackpot. On the other hand, if bonus slots are your forte, again it is important to read the pay table as it will contain important information about the symbols, the bonus features, and the bonus games. The more you know before the first spin, the better you can determine how much to bet and how long your funds will last. Finally, choosing a slot game that is both lucrative and exciting at the same time requires some practice play on your part. Choose an online casino offering play for fun flash slots. In this way, you can play over 60+ games without using a penny of your own money. Once you have selected the slot game that you enjoy and feel comfortable playing, you can go onto play for real money.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before we review a slot game, we play it for fun at a flash casino. This allows us to play all of the slot games directly on our browser while using all of the coin denominations available. We measure the pace of the slot, the number of symbols, the bonus features, and the bonus games. Thus, practice does make perfect once we find a slot game that has a high payout percentage. So before join any online casino, it is a prudent course of action to register, if applicable, and try all the slot games. Play them for a few hours and play all variations from 3-reel to 7-reel; from classic to progressive until you find your niche. Once you do, you are ready to play for real.

Our Recommendation

There is a book called “Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines! By Frank Scoblete. What sets this book apart from others is the way in which Mr. Scoblete delves into the financial aspect of playing slots, the type of slot machines to pay, and new information on slot machines based on his own experiences. You can pick up a copy of this book at