Big Cash Win Slots Is a Classic Delight Full of Golden Winning Opportunities

Are you dreaming of a rich and uncomplicated live, and are you ready to achieve that lifestyle via equally uncomplicated spinning sessions? If you answer yes to these questions, than Big Cash Win Slots might the game that can make it all happen for you. This simple and easy-going three reel and one pay line spinner from Rival Gaming is a true treasure for big cash hunters. Money is the only thing that counts in this game. And what can make that statement more clear than a huge pile of green Benjamins on the background of the slot game screen. Now wouldn't you love to claim some of that precious dough? Luckily, this is not such a difficult task. All that you need to do to obtain that money is to combine smart gambling strategies with a bit of luck, and before you know it you could be swimming in your own piles of money. Your path to the rich life starts with a push on the spin button, and then the symbols need to be placed in a correct order to form winning combinations.

Lucrative Symbols That Trigger Nostalgic and Euphoric Feelings

When you are already familiar with classic slot machines, then you will probably have nostalgic feelings when the slot icons show up on the reels of this game. Those wonderful lucky sevens, solid bar blocks, and delicious red cherries are welcome sights when you are a slot reel veteran from the old days. But you are probably also very curious to learn what kind of cash prizes hide behind these iconic symbols. Luckily, it is very easy to discover the value of the available slot icons, thanks to the convenient pay table that is placed on the left side of the slot reel screen. Big Cash Win Slots is a small and simple game, so that pay table easily fits into the screen, and that helps a lot if you're having difficulties remembering all of the reel icon values.

Powerful Slot Reel Buttons for Your Convenience

Just as living a rich life should be easy and comfortable, it should be equally easy and comfortable to claim your prize money. The buttons on this slot reel make that happen. The spin button is of course the most important and obvious one, because a winning can only emerge from a spin. But if you don't want to push a button all the time, you can also conveniently use the auto spin button. Once that button becomes active, you will be able to lean back and watch effortlessly how the symbols are being spun on the reels for your convenience. Now you still have to decide how much you want to wager. But if going in it 100 percent is not a problem for you, then you can also decide to push the bet max button. With the help of this button, you use the maximum wager amount to obtain the biggest available winnings. However, if you like a little bit of variety in your bets, or if you like to keep control of how much money is active on the reels, then you probably want to know more about the available wager options.

Two Buttons to Decide Your Wager Amounts and Possible Winnings

The two remaining buttons on this little slot game delight are the ones you use to place wagers. They are the select coins button and the coin value button. Start with adjusting the coin value button by clicking on the minus and the plus that are displayed on it. The lowest value is the tiny amount of $0.01. This is a great amount for new players and budget gamblers who prefer to start their gambling adventure with low bets. From $0.01, the values steadily go up from 0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10 to the maximum amount of $25. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum wager amount of $25 is of course a great bet for seasoned gamblers who want to increase the risks in order to gain bigger winnings. Choosing the amount of active coins via the select coins button is the second action that needs to take place in order to create a desirable wager. You can select one or two coins, and that means that your maximum wager will be $50 if you play with a coin value of $25. Again, a one coin bet is desirable for starters and budget players, and a two coin bet raises the risks, but also the gambling thrills and the possible winnings.

Decide How You Want to Play This Game

Big Cash Win Slots is an easy game with fruitful winning opportunities. This makes it a slot title that appeals to both new players as veteran gamblers. The slot's interface and play options are both straightforward. Nonetheless, you might still have the feeling that a few practice sessions, before making a start with real money, can’t hurt. Several online casino's give you the option to have a bit of free fun with this game. Later, you can always switch to real money when that big pile of cash becomes to alluring to ignore any longer. And with a big mountain of prize money and an entertaining game experience, you have two powerful incentives to start your very own gambling adventure on the Big Cash Win slot reels.